While looking for your stone products, you probably have heard of many kinds of stone for example, marble, granite, Quartzite, or onyx. Each of these is an amazingly unique material that will exceed your expectations when used in the correct setting.

Basically, Natural Stone is any rock obtained from nature that is used for building or decorative purposes. Like all rocks, it was formed by natural geological processes over thousands, millions, or even hundreds of millions of years. It is purely engineered by nature and so EVERY piece of natural stone is a wholly unique blend of colours, minerals, and beauties.

The greatest aspect of using Natural Stones is the fact that it is purely organic and unprocessed, it is desolate of any chemical or manmade interferences within its build. It is engineered by nature and harmonious with nature.

Henceforth, it is the best material that can be used since it comes from Nature and can be installed in our environment without implying any negative impacts or consequences for our Mother Earth.

Each type of stone will have its own specific properties. The most common types of natural stone are granite, marble and limestone, but there are a few more that are often used in residential applications – Quartzite, travertine and onyx. Marble and limestone are sedimentary stones. While granite forms deep within the earth and is pushed up towards the surface, sedimentary stones started at the surface and were pushed down. As the name implies, sedimentary stones were formed in places where layers of sediments were deposited, such as the bottoms of lakes, rivers and oceans.